Unschooling with Young Children can be exhilarating, super fun, awesome, and endlessly empowering. Also completely exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming. Getting to know your children at a deeper level from birth onward is an amazing experience.

People decide to homeschool for all sorts of reasons – religion, control, safety, health, beliefs, etc. Parents make the decision with their children’s best interest in mind. Beyond choosing to homeschool is deciding what homeschool style will work best for your family. We have chosen unschooling.

Unschooling follows our beliefs to empower our children, allow them to follow their heart and their interests, and involve our children in our own lives and the rest of the world. We want to give our children a vast array of opportunities. Unschooling opens your family up to endless possibilities. Where homeschooling, on a whole, brings the family together as one unit; I believe that unschooling allows for the child’s own independence to blossom. The best of both worlds!

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