Month: January 2018

An Oregon Vacation

Our family recently went on a vacation to Oregon. During our stay we visited multiple different towns and saw many things. Though most of our time was simply filled with family gatherings, I thought I’d share some of the location highlights of our adventures. A few of these places we have visited many times, some Read More

Apps for Self Improvement

Stuck inside? Rainy day? Snowy day? Too damn cold to get outside? Don’t have much time? Have a baby or toddler who needs your attention all day long and you’ve only got a few minutes free? Inexperienced and too embarrassed to be seen at a gym? Need to work on other goals other than staying Read More

Journey to Veganhood

I grew up vegetarian, but eventually started eating meat. Now I’ve come to a point where I feel like I need to transition my eating habits (and my lifestyle) again. I’ve decided to become vegan.   Why Vegan?   Funny as it sounds it was a Facebook video that inspired me to make this important Read More

From Hospital to Home Birth

New Mom – What Should I do?   My first real adventure was the dive into parenthood. I was newly 18 when I got pregnant with my first daughter. My little blessing. I had wanted a child of my own ever since my sister was born when I was 3 years old. Believe me, I Read More

Goals for 2018

1. Buy a domain and start a blog.   Check! Read More